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Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review

Reviewed by: top 10 mattresses team
Sep 17 2023

If you are shopping for a new organic mattress, the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress might be right for you. This review is designed to provide the most important information to determine if it meets your sleep needs, including the top features, pros, any limitations, and available sizes.

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Top Features of the Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid 

The best features of this mattress, in our opinion, are:

  • Eco-friendly natural latex foam is free of lead, mercury & formaldehyde 
  • Natural latex & wool materials help prevent overheating at night
  • Long 365-night sleep trial period to try out the mattress at home
  • Dense and supportive feel may benefit back and stomach sleepers

This is a mattress in a box, which ships conveniently to your home in a box. Simply unbox the mattress, remove the packaging, and unroll it. The mattress then regains its shape within 24-72 hours, as per Awara.

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How Firm Is It?

An important factor in deciding if the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid is right for you is its firmness. The mattress firmness level is based on a 1-10 scale, with 1 as the softest and 10 as the firmest option. 

As per the Awara website, this organic mattress is a 7.5. That puts it in the medium-firm range. It is a luxury firm mattress, which means it has a plush feel while still providing a good amount of support. 

Please note that it is at the higher end of the medium-firm range for mattresses at 7.5 (6.5 is average). Thus, it is going to be firmer rather than softer.

Natural Materials in the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress 

This 10 inch-thick mattress is an organic luxury hybrid. It is part of our organic category as it contains only natural materials. They are:

  • Dunlop Latex
  • New Zealand Wool
  • Organic Cotton

Dunlop Latex

The premium natural Dunlox latex is Rainforest Alliance-certified. To earn this certification seal, the latex must meet high standards for environmental, economic, and social sustainability. The latex comes from rubber trees.

Besides being eco-friendly, this material can also be good for sleep health, rather than synthetic materials. The natural latex foam contains no lead, mercury, formaldehyde, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants, PBDEs or ozone depleters. It also has no chlorofluorocarbons or phthalates regulated by the CPSC.

New Zealand Wool

This wool is completely organic. Sourced from sheep, New Zealand wool is a naturally durable material. 

The wool can naturally regulate body temperature. That is good news for those who tend to sleep hot.

Organic Cotton

The cotton in this mattress is mindfully-harvested, as per the Awara website. The cotton is naturally sourced. For eco-conscious shoppers looking to minimize their footprint, the use of organic cotton in the hybrid mattress is likely to be important.

The feel of organic cotton is soft and silky. It is supple, too, rather than being stiff. If you like some spring in your mattress, this characteristic will be important to you.

Finally, Awara uses natural water-based adhesives rather than chemicals. The mattress also has a non-toxic silica-based fire retardant. It is safety-certified by the SGS.

Does the Awara mattress sound like a good fit for you? See what else buyers have to say.

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Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid Construction 

This Awara model is a hybrid, which means that it combines more than one mattress style. It features natural Dunlop latex over coils.

The top layer is the plush cover made of New Zealand wool and organic cotton. Several reviewers online explain that the cover helps keep them cool and feels soft. 

Below that is 2 inches of natural Dunlop latex, which is a medium-firmness. Some web reviewers explain that they like the responsiveness of the mattress, which the latex provides it. It is the first support layer.

The next layer of support is a premium coil core. The 8-inch coils are individually wrapped for great motion isolation. This means that if your partner moves during the night, you are less likely to feel the motion on your side of the mattress and be jolted awake. The number of coils increases with the mattress size (378 for Twin, 638 for Queen, etc.).

We like the four reinforced handles on the sides of the mattress. This thoughtful feature wraps around the base to make moving the mattress easy.

Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review: Pros and Any Drawbacks

There is a lot to like about this organic mattress in a box, and some potential limitations. Understanding these points can help you determine if this one is suitable for your home.

Natural Comfort

As earlier explained, the organic mattress is made of natural materials rather than memory foam, chemical adhesives, and chemical fire retardants. This feature is important for those who want a healthier sleep experience or make an eco-friendly purchase. Plus, you will sleep cool with Dunlop latex, and it is a comfortable mattress, as per many reviewers.

Sleep Cool

The wool-and-latex cover helps provide a cool sleep surface, as per more than one web reviewer. Plus, the combination of the natural Dunlop latex layer with the individually-wrapped coils enables better air circulation. That is another way the Awara Mattress may help some people sleep cool. 

If you have ever woken up in a sweat in the middle of the night, you know that it can make for a tiring day after. Having a mattress that naturally regulates body temperature can help some people get a longer sleep.

Not Memory Foam

The Dunlop latex has a firmer feel than memory foam. Whether you like that or not is a personal preference. It may depend on what mattress you grew up on felt like and whether you prefer something softer or firmer. 

If you like the sinking feeling of memory foam mattresses, then this latex hybrid from Awara may not be suitable for you. Some online reviewers explain that the mattress is too firm for them, while others like the supportive feel. 

If you like a bit of bounce in your mattress, rather than a sinking feeling when resting on it, the Awara Mattress can provide it, as per many reviewers online. The satisfying bounce comes from the latex and coils. 

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Support for Back and Stomach Sleepers

Many web reviews discuss this mattress’s support for those who sleep on their back or stomach. This potential benefit is thanks to the medium-firm support of the Dunlop latex foam and the coil base.

Providing firm support is important for stomach sleepers so that their midsection does not sink too much into the mattress. If this sinking feel happens, it puts the spine out of alignment and can lead to a sore back. 

For back sleepers, the mattress needs to be firm enough to support the spine. It is best if it does not allow the hips to sink too far.

However, the firmness of this mattress will not appeal to everyone. It is firmer than a medium mattress, so those who like a softer sleep surface might want to consider a different option. One example is a side sleeper who likes a memory foam mattress. With that said, the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress offers support that may suit some back and stomach sleepers.

There is also great support around the mattress edges, indicating many reviews online. Having solid edge support means you get more sleep surface and sit on the bed to take off your shoes without worrying about rolling off.


Latex mattresses are known for being at a higher price point than memory foam models. While the Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid made with Dunlop latex is no exception, it is of great value given the premium materials. A financing option is available too for those who prefer it over paying all at once upfront.

Moreover, the Awara model is designed to be a luxury mattress, rather than the cheapest one available. Its cover has a plush feel, and it is made from fresh, natural materials.

Adding to its excellent value are the lifetime warranty and sleep trial. Let’s talk next about these features.


A Forever Warranty™ comes with the Awara Mattress. If damages incur during the normal use of the mattress during your ownership, Awara will replace or repair the mattress for free. 

Please note that Awara can change its policy details at any time, and we are not responsible for any discrepancies between the company policies and this review. The Forever Warranty™ provides peace of mind that this mattress will last a long time. 

Long Sleep Trial

Imagine getting a year-long trial period with a mattress. That’s what you get with the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid. 

It comes with a 365-night sleep trial. This means that you can try out the mattress in your home (USA only) through every season to see if it provides the right sleep experience for you. That is one of the longest trials we have come across in the mattress industry.

If you decide to return the mattress within the trial period, Awara explains on their website that they will work with you to locally donate or dispose of the mattress in the US. Returns and shipping are both free in the contiguous US.


There is little off-gassing with this mattress in a box, as per many online reviewers. The latex gives a slight smell when removing it from the box and packaging, but this odor dissipates within a short time. 

To make this experience less unpleasant, some people open the windows in the bedroom in which they unbox the mattress. That can help with ventilation.

Pressure Point Relief

The Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress is designed to relieve pressure on sensitive areas of the body while asleep, such as the shoulders and hips. That may help sleepers to enjoy sleep with more relaxed muscles and better spinal alignment.

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What Else to Know about the Awara Mattress

There are a few more things we want to tell you in this Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress review, including the awards earned and available sizes.


The Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress has earned several awards. For example, it has earned the Tuck Editor’s Pick Best Latex Mattress 2021 and GQ Best Stuff Mattress 2021. 

It also is the USA TODAY Editor’s Choice Mattress 2021 and Insider award-winner for the Best Mattress Stomach Sleepers 2021. Earning several distinctions like these speaks to the great quality and popularity of the Awara model.

Giving Back

Awara gives back by planting 10 trees through for every mattress purchased through their nonprofit partner Trees for the Future. These fast-growing trees are planted in Uganda, Senegal, Kenya, or Tanzania. 

The project can help farming families in exhausted areas by providing food sources, livestock feed, and more. If you want to give back in some way, the Awara Mattress can help you do so.


There are many sizes to choose from for the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress. The sizes are:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • Cal King

These are the most common mattress sizes, so it’s nice to see they are available. The right size for you will depend on whether you sleep alone or with a partner, sleep position, and other factors.

Check Sizes’ Price

Bed Frames

This mattress in a box is designed to fit with a range of bed frames. This makes it easy to customize your sleep environment. For example, you might pair the mattress with an adjustable base or a traditional frame. It can also pair with a platform or divan base.

Includes Bedding 

The Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress includes two pillows, a protector, and sheets in the price. That makes it a terrific value, in our opinion. Please be aware that Awara can change this bundle in the future, so check the website for the most up-to-date details.


Several web reviewers indicate that there is little to no noise from this hybrid mattress. That is great to hear for anyone who is a light sleeper or simply does not want a squeaky sleep surface.

Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review Conclusion

If you are looking for an organic mattress made well with natural materials, the award-winning Awara Mattress is one to consider. While it will not fit every household’s budget, it is a great value, including a long sleep trial and warranty coverage. 

Couples are likely to appreciate the excellent motion isolation of this mattress, and some stomach and back sleepers may get support where they need it the most. Those who sleep hot may find relief, too, with the natural cooling properties of the materials in the luxurious mattress. Given its many positive attributes, the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress is one we recommend.

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