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Emma CliMax Mattress Review

Reviewed by: top 10 mattresses online
May 19 2023

If you’re shopping for a hybrid mattress, chances are you want ample support along with plush comfort. For couples or heavier sleepers, a long lasting, responsive mattress is especially important. The Emma CliMax hybrid mattress provides all of the above and more. If you’re considering the Emma CliMax mattress for your home, read our review to learn about top features, construction, pros and any drawbacks.

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Top Features

After reviewing the Emma CliMax mattress, we believe it offers these top features:

  • UltraDry pillowtop cover
  • Airgocell breathable comfort layer
  • CliMax breathable memory foam
  • 5-zone targeted support
  • CliMax pocketed springs
  • High-resiliency edge support and base
  • 365-night sleep trial

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Emma CliMax Construction

Couples and sleepers of all sizes will appreciate the construction of the Emma CliMax. In the following sections, we describe the 6 layers of this hybrid mattress.

UltraDry Pillowtop Cover

What better way to start than a breathable, plush mattress cover? The moisture-wicking UltraDry pillowtop cover feels soft to the touch and keeps you cool and comfortable. It’s 0.4 inches of pure comfort. The hypoallergenic cover is removable and machine-washable, so keeping it clean is no sweat.

Airgocell Comfort Layer

Open cell technology makes lets this comfort layer breathe so you don’t work up a sweat in bed, unless you want to! The 1.2-inch Airgocell layer regulates temperature and prevents motion transfer from one side of the mattress to the other. Great for couples, motion isolation lets your partner sleep even if you toss and turn or get out of bed.

CliMax Transition Memory Foam

Thanks to its 5 targeted zones, the 2-inch transition layer provides pressure relief for your head, neck, shoulders and back — where you need it most. One hundred supporting points evenly distribute your weight to help you sleep comfortably. The visco-elastic and adaptive memory foam also prevent motion transfer.

Does the Emma mattress sound like a good fit for you? See what else buyers have to say.

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CliMax Pocketed Springs

Next, you’ll enjoy more zoned support from a 4.7-inch core of pocketed or individually wrapped springs. Besides the targeted support and just-right bounce, the springs allow air circulation to prevent heat retention. That means you can keep your cool unless things become steamy on purpose.

HRX Supreme Edge Support

You’ll appreciate the reinforced perimeter that provides sturdy edge support. HRX stands for High Resiliency Extra — and that’s exactly the kind of support you get with this high-density foam. The Emma CliMax won’t sag at the edges so you’ll have an easier time getting out of bed in the morning.

HRX Supreme Support Base

A support layer of HRX foam gives the Emma CliMax longevity and durability. It’s even tested to make sure it can stand up to use by heavy sleepers. Thanks to this 3.2-inch base of high-intensity foam, you can enjoy this cool and comfortable mattress for years to come.

Your Choice of Mattress Size

Besides comfort and support, you want a mattress that’s the right size for your home and sleep preferences.  You’ll find a wide selection of sizes when you shop for the Emma CliMax hybrid.

  • Twin: 38”W × 75”L × 11.5”H
  • Twin XL: 38”W × 80”L × 11.5”H
  • Full: 54”W × 75”L × 11.5”H
  • Queen: 60”W × 80”L × 11.5”H
  • King: 76”W × 80”L × 12”
  • Cal King: 72”W × 84”L × 12”H

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The Emma CliMax combines comfort with support to create a medium-firm feel. On a firmness scale of 1 to 10 — with 1 the softest feel and 10 the firmest feel — it has a rating of 6. Medium-firm offers a balance of not-too-soft and not-too-firm. It’s supportive enough for heavier sleepers weighing more than 250 pounds. This firmness level is a great choice for couples who have differing comfort levels.

Mattress In a Box

The Emma CliMax is shipped directly from the warehouse to your door. Before shipping, the mattress is compressed and rolled to fit in a box. If you’re at work or running errands when the CliMax is delivered, it will be waiting for you when you get home.

Emma CliMax Mattress Review: Pros and Any Limitations

After our research and review, we believe there are many reasons to like the Emma CliMax hybrid mattress. Below we have listed advantages as well as limitations to the product.

Pressure Relief

Thanks to pressure relief from the adaptive memory foam and pocketed springs, you’ll feel like you’re being cradled to sleep. When you lie on a mattress, you want to feel cushioned and supported. What you don’t want is a surface that throws your spine out of whack. The Emma CliMax contours to your natural shape to keep pressure off your head, neck, shoulders and back.

Just the Right Bounce

Speaking of pocketed springs, you’ll love how the coil core balances tension with bounce. It’s an ideal surface for any weight or sleep position. In fact, the company describes the Emma CliMax as ideal for “couples who do more in bed than just sleep.” 

Ideal for Heavier Sleepers

Heavier sleepers can enjoy ample support and a refreshing night’s sleep on the Emma CliMax. The mattress is stress-tested for a decade of use and has a total weight capacity of 1000 pounds. Sleepers who weigh 250 pounds or more can count on long lasting support and pressure relief from this mattress.

Keeps You Cool and Dry

A comfortable temperature is a crucial ingredient for a good night’s sleep. From the moisture-wicking cover to the breathable memory foam and coils, the Emma CliMax keeps you cool and dry.

Easy to Clean

What can be better than sleeping on a fresh, clean mattress? A pillowtop mattress cover that’s easy to clean, of course! The Emma CliMax has a removable, machine washable cover that makes cleaning a snap. Just unzip and remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine. You can also spot clean stains with a gentle detergent.

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Off-Gassing Odor

You may notice an unpleasant odor after you unbox the Emma CliMax. The mattress foam and materials produce this odor when first unwrapped and exposed to the air. Known as off-gassing, this odor is harmless and will dissipate after one or two days of airing out the mattress.

Generous Sleep Trial

A new mattress can be a hefty investment, so you want to be sure you’re buying the right one for your home. The 365-night, risk-free sleep trial takes much of the pressure off making this decision. That’s right, you have an entire year to try the Emma CliMax at home. The company recommends trying the mattress for at least 21 days to allow for a breaking-in period. If the mattress just isn’t working out for you, just contact the company to arrange a return and refund.

10-Year Warranty

The Emma CliMax also comes with a 10-year guaranteed warranty. It’s good to know that your purchase is protected against manufacturer defects for the first 10 years. Make sure you check the latest warranty terms for any changes before you buy.

Planet-Friendly and Vegan

You can sleep soundly knowing that your Emma CliMax mattress is safe for the environment and for your family. First it is Certi-PUR-US certified, which means that it does not contain harmful or ozone-depleting chemicals such as formaldehyde or phthalates.  In fact, OEKO-TEX classifies the foam as safe for infants.

The mattress is also 100 percent vegan. It does not contain any animal products, which is an important detail for many consumers.

Final Thoughts on the Emma CliMax Mattress

Great for couples and heavier sleepers, the Emma CliMax offers features that you would expect from a quality hybrid mattress. We like the fact that the mattress is stress-tested to last through a decade of use. Durability plus comfort and support add up to a positive sleep experience.

From the ultra-soft mattress cover to the responsive foam layers, the Emma CliMax keeps you cool and comfortable. Open cell memory foam and moisture-wicking materials prevent the mattress from overheating. The pocketed coils also help regulate temperature by allowing air flow. Even if you tend to sleep hot, you won’t wake up in a sweat.

Pressure relief is important for a comfortable night’s sleep, and the Emma CliMax delivers. Thanks to zoned support and 100 supporting points, the mattress cradles your head, neck, shoulders and back. Your spine stays aligned and you can wake up refreshed.

Speaking of refreshed, you can easily keep this mattress clean. The cover is removable and machine washable. One thing that is not refreshing is the harmless odor you may notice after unboxing your Emma CliMax. However, the odor will dissipate after airing out for a couple of days.

One outstanding feature of the Emma CliMax is the 365-day sleep trial. That’s a much longer trial period than those offered by many other companies. The 10-year guarantee warranty is another plus. You can have peace of mind about your purchase when a company backs its product.

Another reason for peace of mind is the Ceri-PUR certification. That means you don’t have to worry about bringing toxic chemicals into your home when you buy this 100 percent vegan mattress.

We have researched and reviewed the Emma CliMax hybrid mattress. In our opinion, it provides value as a quality mattress.

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