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Comprehensive Review of Newton Crib Mattress

Reviewed by: top 10 mattresses team
Nov 20 2023

Your baby’s sleep environment is important to their development, which means that it is worth taking the time to research which crib mattress is best for them. This Newton Baby Crib Mattress review is designed to help you determine if it meets your little one’s needs by including the top features, pros, any drawbacks, and more. While Newton Baby also offers other crib mattresses, this review focuses on the Original. .

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Main Features of the Original Crib Mattress from Newton Baby

Newton Baby’s Crib Mattress is also known by the company as The Original. It is part of the Newton Baby lineup that has other crib mattresses, mattress pads, sheets, and swaddles.

The best features of the Original Crib Mattress are:

  • Unique Breathe-Thru Tech for a safer, comfier sleep
  • The only completely-washable crib mattress, from cover to core
  • Two-stage design for both infants and toddlers 
  • Eco-friendly focus, made without chemicals and recyclable 

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It comes in a standard size of 52 inches long by 28 inches wide, with a 5.5-inch thickness. It weighs 14 pounds.

There is also a mini version, a waterproof version, and a thinner (4-inch thick) version. As earlier explained, this review focuses on the Newton Baby Original Crib Mattress.

Newton Baby Crib Mattress: Overview of Construction and Materials

The two-stage mattress is designed for use through the infant and toddler stages. We appreciate that Newton Baby has a durable design.

Let’s start with the dual-layer cover. The top layer of the cover features the company’s own Breathe-Thru Technology. We will discuss the safety and comfort benefits of this unique technology in the next section of this Newton Baby Crib Mattress review.

Below that is the natural viscose cover. It is a chemical-free approach to meeting demanding federal flammability standards. 

Below that is the Wovenaire core. This layer is primarily air (90%) and the rest (10%) is a food-grade polymer. This material provides comfort and firmness to the baby and toddler, without having to flip the mattress as they age.

The mattress materials are 100% recyclable, which is impressive to us. Yes, even the Wovenaire core is totally recyclable. For someone who wants to make a purchase that benefits the environment, the Newton Baby Original is one to consider.

Newton Baby Crib Mattress Review: Pros and Any Limitations

Next, let’s discuss the pros and any potential drawbacks of the Original Crib Mattress from Newton Baby. The details may help you make a more informed buying decision.

Chemical-Free, Non-Toxic

As you may have noticed with the materials discussed above, they are non-toxic, and there are no chemicals. Those are major benefits for parents looking for a safer crib mattress free of potentially harmful chemicals and other toxins. A healthier sleep environment is something some families look for when choosing a mattress for their little one.

Does the Newton Mattress sound like a good fit for you? See what else buyers have to say

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Many web reviews note the GREENGUARD Gold certification on the Newton Baby Crib Mattress as it shows the low chemical emissions. The mattress has undergone rigorous testing and meets the high standards associated with this seal to help improve indoor air quality.

Another feature that will likely appeal to eco-conscious shoppers is that Newton Baby does not use springs, latex, or glue in its design. There is no foam either. Those who also want a hypoallergenic mattress may want to give this crib mattress some serious thought.

Please note, though, that it is not organic. However, it is totally breathable.

Completely Breathable

Newton Baby uses their unique Breathe-Thru Technology to enable a 100% breathable design. The Breathe-Thru cover allows for good airflow through the cover.

Having a highly-breathable design is an important feature, in our opinion, because it provides a safer crib mattress. It can reduce the infant’s chance of suffocation, especially for those babies that roll onto their tummy while asleep. 

Plus, the 100% breathable crib mattress helps prevent moisture from getting trapped in the mattress cover. That can keep the baby’s skin dry rather than sweaty, making for a more comfortable sleep. The naturally cooling properties of the Newton Baby Crib Mattress get high marks on many web reviews.

Comfort and Support

The Newton Baby Crib Mattress has a dual-layered quilted cover for extra comfort. Many online reviewers explain that the mattress surface has a soft feel.

A night of more comfortable sleep for your little one is also possible because of the breathable design of the Original mattress. With better airflow through the mattress, the baby is less likely to wake up and start crying because of getting sweaty while asleep. 

Also, this mattress provides comfort and firmness for a baby and toddler with its Wovenaire core. The mattress has a firmness that some reviewers online rate at a 7 on the mattress scale (1 is super soft and 10 is very firm).  

Having good support is important for little ones as their bodies are still developing. Being super comfy in bed might make for a better quality of sleep for your youngster. 


This crib mattress is an above-average price. Unfortunately, that means it will not fit every family’s budget. 

However, the Crib Mattress from Newton Baby is worth it, as per many web reviews. Many reviewers explain that this mattress is one of the safest ones available for babies, breathable, and free of chemicals.

A payment option is available, which can make sense for some families, rather than paying one lump-sum upfront. There is free shipping too, which is a money-saver.

Plus, using the same mattress from the baby through toddler years means that the Baby Newton Original can last a long time. Rather than having to purchase a second mattress when your little one becomes a toddler, the same mattress is usable. That can save you money in the long run.

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Removable, Machine Washable Cover

The cover is removable if your sweetie makes a mess in bed. From urine to vomit, different accidents are likely to happen on the baby mattress. Being able to remove it is handy, so you can remove it to wash and put it back on dry and clean.

Rather than spot-treating the cover, simply put it in the washing machine, according to the label instructions. Once dry, return it to the mattress for a clean, hygienic sleep surface.

Unfortunately, the cover is not waterproof. However, it is water-resistant.

Multi-Award Winner

Some parents may enjoy peace of mind knowing that Newton Baby’s Original Crib Mattress has received several awards. For example, it is a Gold winner from the 2015 National Parenting Publications Awards. It also is a Mom’s Choice Award for Honoring Excellence, and it has the distinction of a Family Choice Award (2017). 

Sleep Trial

A long sleep trial comes with this baby-to-toddler mattress. A 100-night home trial enables you to try out the mattress with your little one in the comfort of home.

If you decide within the 100-night period that it is not right for your baby, simply return it for a full refund. As per the Newton Baby website, this policy makes for a risk-free experience.

Lifetime Warranty

A limited lifetime warranty comes with your Newton Baby Crib Mattress. It is a generous warranty length, as per many online reviewers.

Please read the company policy to understand the complete terms and conditions. Also, Newton Baby can change their warranty at any time; we are not responsible for any discrepancies between their policies and this review.

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What is Unique about the Newton Baby Crib Mattress

There are several features that set this crib mattress apart. 

Wash the Entire Mattress

As per the Newton Baby Website, this crib mattress is the only one on the market that is entirely washable, from cover to core. While some crib mattresses have a washable cover, this one goes beyond that. 

Its Wovenaire core is washable. That is convenient if it is a big spill that happens so that you can wash it and return it clean to the bed for a hygienic sleep environment. For details on how to clean it properly, consult the package direction or the company.

Customize the Colors

Choose from several different colors for the Original version of the Crib Mattress. It comes in white, grey, pink, or blue. We like that you can customize the mattress to suit the room or personal preference.

No Flipping

Many infant-to-toddler crib mattresses require that you flip over the mattress when your child gets to the toddler stage. However, Newton Baby has a design that does not require flipping, making it easy to keep using the mattress without worrying about exactly what age to turn it over. That is convenient.

Conclusion of the Newton Baby Crib Mattress Review 

While the Original Crib Mattress from Newton Baby will not fit every household’s budget, it is a terrific value, made with recyclable, non-toxic materials. It offers firm support for both babies and toddlers, as well as 100% breathability.

What’s more, the mattress is completely washable, from cover to core. Plus, it comes with a long sleep trial and warranty. As there are many positive qualities, we recommend the Newton Baby Crib Mattress.

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