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Comprehensive Review of Saatva Crib Mattress

Reviewed by: top 10 mattresses team
May 19 2023

As newborns spend so much time asleep, finding a quality crib mattress for them is a vital purchase. To help you decide if the Saatva Crib Mattress is the right one for your little one’s sleep needs, we review it here. Find the top features and details about materials, safety, certifications, warranty, and more in this review.

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Leading Features and Specs of the Saatva Crib Mattress

The top features, in our opinion, are:

  • Two beds in one; one side for baby, one side for toddlers
  • Organic, non-toxic materials for a healthier sleep
  • Conveniently removable, water-repellant cover
  • Lifetime warranty protection

It comes in one standard crib size of 28 x 52 inches. The corners are square to provide a sung fit with a crib. The mattress is 8 inches tall.

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Saatva Crib Mattress Review of Materials 

This Saatva mattress features premium materials and a two-sided design. It is hybrid, which means that it combines different mattress styles. 

Rather than being all-innerspring or all-innerspring in its construction, the Saatva Crib Mattress combines natural latex with steel coils. What’s more, the materials are organic and non-toxic.

The cover is made of organic cotton. This is a material known for helping to keep babies safe and comfy while removing risks of allergies and infections. 

As for the inside of the mattress, it features natural latex, which has a bit of bounce and pressure-free support. The latex is put through a washing process, which removes allergy-causing proteins. 

Plus, latex is known for being a durable sleep material. Saatva’s website indicates that latex is likely to outlast memory foams.

Natural latex is also highly breathable. It is more breathable than polyurethane foams, as per Saatva’s website.

On the toddler side, the New Zealand wool layer at the top is naturally breathable, whisking away moisture to help regulate the baby’s temperature.

As for the coil unit in the center of the mattress, it is made of recycled steel and features 200 coils.

Construction of Saatva’s Crib Mattress

This mattress is American-made. If supporting local matters to you, this feature will be important. 

The two-sided construction makes for two beds in one. It is usable on one side for the baby and then simply flip over to the other side when they become a toddler.

It is constructed to be double-firm for the baby and firm support for the toddler. The design is such that it offers comfort and support to the child at the appropriate stages of their development, explain many online reviews of the Saatva Crib Mattress. 

Baby Side

On the baby’s side is a sturdy support base with breathable eucalyptus fibers. It provides a transition layer above the center coils.

Furthermore, the coil unit has double edge support to help keep the baby from the edge. It also has center-zone technology to help the baby stay at the center.

Toddler Side

At the top is a soft layer designed for great breathability. The organic New Zealand wool material is naturally breathable and is antimicrobial, also naturally resisting dust mites.

Below it is the natural latex layer for durable support and a bit of bounce. It resists mold, dust mites, and mildew.

The third layer is a support base with eucalyptus fibers that transitions between the latex and the coil unit. While it is not as firm as the baby side, it still is designed to support toddlers.

The middle coil unit is next. It is made of 200 recycled steel coils and features double edge support.

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Pros and Any Drawbacks: A Balanced Saatva Crib Mattress Review

Along with telling you the benefits, we also explain any limitations of this crib mattress. Here are our thoughts.

Breathable Fibers

Several highly-breathable materials make up the Saatva Crib Mattress. The eucalyptus fibers are one example, as is the New Zealand wool.

They naturally enable the mattress to breathe well for better airflow. The fibers help regulate body temperature to reduce sweating rather than trapping heat. 

A breathable crib mattress is a safer one as if your baby rolls on their stomach while sleeping, it enables them to breathe through the material. That reduces the suffocation risks.

Good airflow also helps prevent mold and bed mites that can grow in moisture on the mattress surface. Keeping them away can prevent infections in your sweetie.

Established Company

Saatva is well-known in the mattress industry that dates back over a decade. They are highly regarded for their lineup of quality mattresses. 

This good reputation helps provide consumers peace of mind when purchasing from Saatva. It eliminates worries of the company being a fly-by-night operation. 


The Saatva model is in the upper price range of crib mattresses. But the price is not outrageous given the premium materials. It features very durable latex material and is longer-lasting with the flippable design. Being able to use the same mattress for your child from baby through toddler years, rather than buying a second mattress, can save many families money over time.

Also, there is a free shipping within the contiguous US is another money savings. There is a financing option available too.

With many sizes to choose from, there are options to fit a range of mattress sizes.

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Adding to the great value is the generous Lifetime warranty. The warranty comes with the Saatva Crib Mattress, and our review includes mention of it as they are under no obligation to offer such a long policy. It shows the confidence the company has in the quality of its product.

Extra-Firm Support for Baby

The extra-firm transition layer on the baby side is crucial at this early stage of life. It can help prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other accidents during sleep. 

If it is too soft, the risk is that SIDS or suffocation can occur as the baby’s head and face sinks into the mattress. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recommends a firm, flat mattress for infants. 


Certifications tell you a lot about a mattress and are especially important for one designed for a baby. Next, in this Saatva Crib Mattress review, let’s talk about its certifications.

Firstly, it is GREENGUARD Gold certified. That means it has been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals, making for a healthier sleep environment for the infant. 

The non-toxic construction features organic cotton, natural latex, and New Zealand wool. For example, the natural latex is free of allergy-causing proteins, as per Saatva’s website.

This crib mattress is also Cradle to Cradle Gold certified. This eco-certification program scores brands by their commitment to the circular economy. The “Gold” level indicates a significant reduction in waste and dangerous chemicals, reuse of materials (such as the recycled steel), and more.

A third certification is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This one requires that the crib mattress contain at least 95% organic cotton (determined by weight). 

Plus, the chemical-free flame barrier is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. That means its flame barrier is certified free of toxins.

Finally, there is a Guardin® anitimicrobial treatment on the mattress. It is non-toxic and botanical.

These certifications will likely appeal to eco-conscious shoppers and are important for the child’s safety and health too. Knowing Saatva’s Crib Mattress meets the high standards to receive these well-known labels can give some parents peace of mind.

Removable, Water-Repellant Cover

Another great feature is the removable cover that is designed to repel water. It is treated with a water repellant, which makes spills a cinch to clean up. 

As babies are likely to have a mess on the bed at some point, it is convenient to remove the cover to wash it. A freshly washed cover helps keep the sleep environment healthy. 

The cover protects the mattress itself, which can help extend its lifespan. Plus, removing and washing the cover can provide a more thorough clean than spot-cleaning a cover that is not removable.

Free Returns for 45 Days

Saatva offers 45-day free returns for its crib mattress, which provides many nights at home to test out the mattress. Being able to return it for free if it is not the right fit for your little one may provide reassurance when making an online purchase.

Saatva Crib Mattress Review Conclusion

Saatva offers a quality crib mattress featuring healthy, non-toxic materials. The focus is on safety and comfort as the mattress meets numerous certifications and is naturally breathable.

Plus, its two-sided design with different firmness levels makes this mattress one that some families can use from infant to toddler. That makes it a good value over the long run, especially with the durable construction, removable cover, and a lifetime warranty. With so many great attributes, the Saatva Crib Mattress is one we recommend.

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