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Titan Luxe Hybrid Mattress for Plus Size Sleep

Reviewed by: top 10 mattresses online team
Jul 26 2022

For a plus-size sleeper, a mattress needs to have the right combination of support and contouring features. It’s important to look for a mattress that is specifically designed for heavier sleepers. Our Titan Luxe mattress, review covers main features, benefits and limitations to help you decide if it will work for you.

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Main Features

We have researched the Titan Luxe hybrid mattress. In our opinion, the mattress has the following main features:

  • Supports up to 1,000 pounds
  • Gel memory foam layer
  • Energex transition layer for enhanced support
  • TitanCaliber coil core
  • High-density foam base
  • Optional cooling panel
  • Shipped in a box to your door
  • 120-night trial

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Designed with the plus-size sleeper in mind, the Titan Luxe hybrid mattress measures 13 inches high and supports up to 1,000 pounds. Layers of foam, gel and coils provide support, contouring and temperature control. The following sections explain how the mattress is constructed.


The Titan Luxe hybrid mattress provides medium support. On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, it has a rating of 5 to 7. This firmness level allows contouring along with pressure relief to create a comfortable sleep experience for plus-size and non-plus-size sleepers.

Quilted Gel Memory Foam Layer

The support and comfort begin with the 1-inch quilted top layer. Gel memory foam prevents the top layer from retaining body heat as it prevents body impressions. Temperature control and support from this layer help keep you cool and comfortable.

TitanFlex Comfort Foam

Next, a 2-inch layer of patented TitanFlex foam responsively contours to the shape of your body. The medium firm memory foam relieves pressure in areas that need it most, such as shoulders, back and neck. For couples, each partner will have the contouring and pressure relief that they need.

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Energex Transition Layer

Energex transition foam provides one more layer of contouring and support. The 1-inch layer is an additional source of pressure relief for your joints. It enhances compression support while maintaining a medium firmness sleep surface. Again, this feature helps create a comfortable sleep surface for a plus-size sleeper and a non-plus-size partner.

TitanCaliber Coil Core

At the heart of the Titan Luxe hybrid mattress is an 8-inch core of up to 1,032 encased coils. Around the perimeter of the mattress, the coils have a higher gauge for edge support. Since all of the coils are individually encased, the core layer provides motion isolation. The coil system also allows air flow, which helps keep the mattress cool.

High-Density Foam Base

Additional durability is provided by a 1-inch high density foam base. Along with added edge support, this layer supports the coils as they compress. The high-density foam helps prevent sagging in all areas of the mattress, including the edges.

Optional Cooling Top Panel

You can choose to include an optional cooling panel with your Titan Luxe mattress. The panel is sewn onto the surface of the mattress to help moderate temperatures and keep the surface cool on contact. To select this feature, check the box next to “add cooling top panel” on the Titan Luxe product page.


The Titan Luxe mattress is available in a full range of sizes. You can choose the right mattress size for your home from this selection:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Split California King

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Works With Many Types of Foundations

A variety of foundation systems will work fine with the Titan Luxe mattress, as long as they have little or no flex. The right choice will also depend on your personal taste. The following types of foundations will support the Titan Luxe hybrid:

  • Wood or metal platforms
  • Box spring
  • Slatted with no more than 4 inches between slats
  • Wood or metal box foundations

Delivered in a Box

The Titan Luxe mattress is shipped to your home in a box. There’s no need to make an appointment with a delivery driver or set-up team. As you go about your day, the mattress will be delivered directly to your door.

120-Night Trial

It can take weeks to get used to a new mattress. For example, a mattress can feel too firm until you’ve had about 30 days to break it in. That’s why the Titan Luxe mattress comes with a 120-night trial. The risk-free trial period begins on the day you receive the mattress, but you must try the mattress for at least 30 days. If you decide not to keep the Titan Luxe, you can return it within 30 to 120 days after the delivery date.

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10-Year Warranty

The Titan Luxe mattress is backed by a full 10-year warranty. Besides manufacturing defects, coverage includes early deterioration and wear that occur despite proper handling, such as

  • Deteriorating cell structure in foam layers
  • Splitting or cracking of mattress materials
  • Impressions greater than 1 inch deep

You can read up-to-date, detailed terms of the 10-year warranty on the company website.

Titan Luxe Mattress Review: Pros and Any Limitations

After our research and review, we believe that the Titan Luxe hybrid mattress has the following advantages and limitations.

Enhanced Support

The Titan Luxe mattress is constructed to provide both comfort and support to the plus-size sleeper. The top gel memory foam layer combines with the TitanFlex memory foam and Energex transition foam to relieve pressure and prevent back and joint pain. These features help keep your spine aligned so you can sleep comfortably and wake up without feeling stiff.

Temperature Control

Thanks to a breathable coil core and a cooling gel top layer, you don’t have to wake up overheated or sweaty. For even more temperature control, you can select the optional cooling top panel on the product page. This feature keeps you cool on contact as it moderates the mattress temperature. 

Comfort for Plus-Size and Non-Plus-Size Sleepers

Non-plus-size sleepers can also benefit from the Titan Luxe contouring and pressure relief features. The Energex transition layer combines with the high density foam layer to prevent compression and sagging. The medium firmness and memory foam create a balance between support and cushioning that will help both the plus-size sleeper and partner get a good night’s sleep.

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Motion Isolation

The Titan Luxe mattress core provides motion isolation. which is a helpful feature for couples. When one partner moves, the individually encased coils limit the motion to a small area of the mattress. With the Titan Luxe mattress, you don’t have to worry about waking your partner when you get out of bed at night.

120-Night Trial

It takes at least 30 days to break in a mattress and decide if it’s comfortable for you. The 120-night trial period takes some of the pressure off choosing a mattress. You and your partner can take your time testing the support, contouring and temperature control features of the Titan Luxe mattress. If it’s just not working for you, just contact the company and return the mattress within 30 to 120 days after delivery.

Convenient Delivery to Your Door

Speaking of delivery, the Titan Luxe is conveniently shipped in a box to your door. On delivery day, you can go to work and run errands as usual. There’s no need to wait at home for a delivery and setup team. All you have to do is take the box from your doorstep to your bedroom.

Decompression and Aeration Wait Time

After you take the Titan Luxe mattress out of the box and remove the plastic wrap, you’ll have to wait at least a few hours before you can use it. The mattress will need at least 3 to 5 hours to decompress and aerate. You’ll need to keep the room well-ventilated to allow the mattress odor to dissipate. You can sleep on the mattress after several hours, but it won’t be completely decompressed and odor-free for 24 hours.

Final Thoughts on the Titan Luxe Hybrid Mattress

The Titan Luxe hybrid mattress, which supports up to 1,000 pounds, has features specially designed for heavier sleepers. The transition layer and high-density foam base provide ample support while the memory foam and gel layers provide pressure point relief. The medium firmness rating means that you’ll have a sturdy mattress without sacrificing contouring. These features can keep non-plus-size sleepers comfortable as well.

The mattress core contains individually encased coils that do much of the work to keep you comfortable. The coils provide support and allow air flow to help keep the mattress cool. Heavier gauge coils around the perimeter provide edge support. For couples, motion isolation is an important feature of the coil core.

Besides the coil core, the Titan Luxe has other temperature control features. The gel top layer prevents body heat retention and the optional cooling panel helps keep you cool on contact.

The Titan Luxe is conveniently shipped to your door in a box. It can take up to 24 hours, however, for the mattress to fully decompress and air out.

Another convenience is the risk-free 120-night trial. If the mattress isn’t a good fit, you can return it 30 to 120 days after you receive it. The mattress is also backed by a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and early deterioration despite proper handling.

After researching and reviewing the Titan Luxe hybrid mattress, it is our opinion that it is a quality product of value.

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