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Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress Review

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May 08 2024

When it comes to the question of “What bed should I buy?” there are many models to consider. Saatva is well-known in the mattress industry, and the Latex Hybrid has many positive qualities. Find a comprehensive review below of the Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress, including benefits, any limitations, best features, and more, to help you determine if it is the best organic hybrid mattress for you.

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Top 4 Features of the Best Latex Hybrid Mattress

To help you differentiate the Saatva Latex Hybrid from others, let’s look at its leading qualities:

  • Conforming yet resilient design for excellent support
  • 100% natural and organic, featuring Talalay latex
  • Non-toxic materials for a healthy sleep environment
  • Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and chemical-free

The Saatva Latex Hybrid is a luxury mattress that is organic and is not a bed in a box. It combines the benefits of latex, including great pressure-free support, with the feel of a classic innerspring that you’re looking for in a mattress.

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Looking for the Best Organic Mattress? Saatva’s Latex Hybrid Might be It

This mattress is handcrafted with 100 percent pure and natural materials. If you are seeking an eco-friendly lifestyle and want to be healthier too, then getting an organic mattress is likely important to you.

Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial

Saatva Latex Hybrid is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, which means it will resist mildew and reduce the presence of other types of allergens in your home. The last thing you want in a bedroom is to be sneezing and coughing or have watering eyes.

When you know that your Latex Hybrid mattress from Saatva isn’t going to trigger an allergic reaction when you sleep on it, then you can rest better, without interruption. This mattress does not contain harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde. Plus, the mattress cover contains Guardin, which is antimicrobial.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

You can take comfort in knowing it is among the best organic mattresses because it is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. That means that the Talalay latex, as well as the cotton and wool materials in the mattress, meet the top standards for organic certification. This feature is especially important if you are sensitive to chemicals or synthetic materials.

Sustainable Too

Furthermore, the natural Talalay latex in this Saatva model comes from sustainably harvested sources. Thus, this mattress is not made in such a way that it depletes natural resources.

The Latex Hybrid construction is also eco-friendly because it features recycled steel coils, as well as a wool flame-retardant barrier instead of chemical sprays. An organic cotton cover is the top mattress layer.

Does the Saatva Latex Hybrid & Organic Mattress sound like a good fit for you? See the mattress specification

Mattress Spec

What We Think Makes Saatva the Best Latex Hybrid Mattress and Any Limitations

As with our other reviews of top mattresses, let’s look at the benefits and whether there are any drawbacks with the Saatva Latex Hybrid.

Benefits: Sustainable and Organic

Saatva’s commitment to sustainability is admirable. It’s great to see that they are considerate with the materials of this mattress. It is completely natural and organic, as well as hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and free of chemicals. Not every mattress can say that.

Being free of chemicals also means that this mattress has little odor. While the memory foam and polyfoam layers have a slight smell, customer reviews indicate that the scent dissipates within a few days.

Made in the USA

We also like that the Saatva Latex Hybrid is handcrafted in the US. For a consumer who wants to support the local economy, then choosing a mattress made in America will be important.

Luxury Mattress for Pressure Relief

Also great is that this mattress is designed to be a luxury one. It features a responsive Talalay latex layer that conforms and provides excellent pressure relief.

That layer combines with individually-wrapped coils beneath it to help relieve pressure and pain. The responsive latex returns to its original position when you’re not on the bed, and the medium firmness level suits any sleep position.

The responsiveness of the design is also great for sex because of the bounce of it. What’s more, the edge support is terrific, as noted by customers who describe in their reviews having a comfortable sleeping experience close to the mattress edge.

Potential Drawbacks: Budget

Being a luxury mattress with Talalay latex means that this best organic mattress is a slightly higher price than some other ones. Thus, it will not fit everyone’s budget.

However, there are some cost savings though as Saatva sells directly to you as the customer, rather than going through a third party, which means that you save money by not having a middleman. You also will likely have this mattress a long time as Talalay latex is known for its durability and other long-lasting properties. The exceptional comfort and support of this best latex hybrid mattress are likely superior to many others too.

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You will also likely notice that the mattress is heavy. While that speaks to the quality of the best latex hybrid mattress, it makes moving the bed more difficult than with a more lightweight model.

Motion Isolation

Finally, some customer reviews point out that the motion isolation on this mattress is average, rather than exceptional. That means that you might feel some movement if your partner turns during the night. Your sensitivity to this motion could be higher or lower than another person, of course, and this feature may or may not be important to you.

Another Positive Point: A Quiet Mattress

Many reviewers also note that there is little to no noise coming from the mattress when they’re on it. A quiet mattress is good can help you sleep uninterrupted throughout the night.

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What are the Layers of the Saatva Best Latex Hybrid Mattress?

There are five layers in this best Latex Hybrid Organic mattress. Let’s start with the top layer and work our way to the bottom.

Organic Cotton Cover

The cover feels soft against the skin and is hypoallergenic. It is breathable too for a cool sleep experience, which is good news if you tend to sleep hot.

Organic Wool Layer

The totally organic New Zealand wool is a natural flame retardant. It has excellent breathability too, just like the cotton cover.

Talalay Latex Layer

The responsive layer is designed to provide great back support. It also is recognized by reviewers for giving superior pressure relief.

Individually Wrapped Coils

The coils are each wrapped independently yet work together to respond to body movements and contour the body, as well as reducing motion transfer.

Organic Eco Loft Pad

This final layer is a base that provides stability for the mattress layers. It anchors the hand-tufting of the mattress too.

Best Organic Mattress Sleep Trial, Warranty, and Delivery Details

Saatva provides excellent support for the Latex Hybrid model beyond the materials and design. For example, they offer a 365-night home trial whereby you can try out the mattress for 365 nights of sleep to see if it is the best latex hybrid mattress for you.

In the unlikely case that you are dissatisfied with the bed, you can return it for a full refund. This friendly return process gets high marks from reviewers who appreciate the risk-free policy.

Also, Saatva includes a lifetime warranty on this luxury mattress. This long warranty period provides you with the comfort that the company is very confident in the mattress quality. The friendly policy is why this model is in the running for the best latex hybrid mattress available.

The delivery process is also exceptional. Rather than vacuum-packing the mattress in a box as many other online providers do, Saatva uses white glove delivery. The team ships the mattress to your home and installs it too.

This delivery approach is very convenient from a customer viewpoint. There is also a service option for them to remove your old mattress.

Tip: Saatva has one of the best warranty programs in the industry

See Saatva Warranty

Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress Sizes

Many sizes are available for the Latex Hybrid. Choose from:

  • Queen – 60 x 80 inches
  • King – 76 x 80 inches
  • Split King – 76 x 80 inches
  • California King – 72 x 84 inches
  • Full – 54 x 75 inches
  • Twin – 38 x 75 inches
  • Twin XL – 38 x 80 inches

Get the best size for your sleep needs and based on the bedroom size. The dimensions above are all standard within the mattress industry.



Concluding Words on the Saatva Best Latex Hybrid Mattress

There is a lot to like about the Saatva Latex Hybrid. It is among the top choices for the best organic mattress as it is 100% natural and organic. With an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, as well as eco-friendly construction, this luxury mattress is free of chemicals that some sleepers are allergic to and is good for the planet.

It is also designed with comfort and pressure-relief in mind. The Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress has excellent edge support, breathability, and responsiveness. Available in a range of sizes, with a 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, the Latex Hybrid has great protections. It is a popular one for people having all different sleep positions, and we confidently recommend it as a leading organic and hybrid mattress.

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